About Us

Speakers’ Headquarters (SpeakersHQ) is a technologically driven community helping African Thought Leaders, Business Leaders and Professionals with the knowledge, network, tools and resources needed to gain more visibility and earn more. Our overarching purpose is to ensure that transformational ideas and talent within the African continent; are Known, Seen, Heard and Rewarded appropriately.

We are also connecting African Thought Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Business Leaders, Professionals, Special Skills individuals, Life Coaches, Executive Coaches and budding Public Speakers with Corporate organisations, Events Organisers and private individuals who need their expertise across the globe. We are a bridge for connection, visibility, expertise and results.

We welcome anyone with expertise in any field who is open to speaking at organisations, conferences or events as a paid or pro bono presenter.

Speakers’ Headquarters (SpeakersHQ) is borne with the strong belief that through the right Network, individuals and businesses in Africa can achieve their personal and organisational goals, and this is exactly our primary driver at SpeakersHQ.

Meet Our Team


We are a team of management consultants and experienced speakers who constantly seek innovative ways to solve everyday problems.

The Advisory Board

Coming soon.

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