Creating an Amazing SpeakersHQ Profile

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Your profile is the doorway to attracting new opportunities and partnerships, it is, therefore, important to remember who your targeted audience is. What kind of corporate organisations and individuals do you want to view your page? What do you want them to take away about you, and your expertise?

Include your relevant experience in an engaging way. Openly express what you are passionate about, and showcase your skills by uploading links to videos and slides from your previous engagements and presentations. Use your profile to engage appropriately and gain access to hundreds of opportunities just one click away.

Here are a few tips on how to make your profile powerful:

  1. Upload the right profile photo.

Now that you have joined Africa’s Largest Online Community for Speakers, it is important to upload your profile picture. To add a profile photo, While signed in, Go to the top right corner of the SpeakersHQ website on your device and click the arrow, Navigate to Profile, and click on Change Profile Photo, Upload your favourite photo (Preferably a headshot), Crop photo to feed size, Click Crop and your photo will be uploaded.

Note, that the majority of organisations and community members will not click on a profile that is without a photo. For best results, choose a photo that

Is high quality with a simple background

Has been taken within the past two years

Focuses on your face.

Uploading a cover photo will also give a better fill to your page. Right from your profile, you can upload your preferred email as cover email.

  1. Create a great bio. You need to tell us about you

Your bio is one of the most essential segments on your SpeakersHQ profile because it is the foremost thing the people will read after they’ve decided to click on your photo and headline. Make it robust, to the point, and personal.

Less they say, is more: especially in these days where people are extremely busy and occupied.

To boost your chances of securing a gig and connecting with top industry leaders and connections, make sure your information is easily accessible and your bio is simple and relatable.

To write an effective bio you need to consider the following:

  • Clarity: In the first 20 seconds people should be able to say specifically what your expertise is, your bio must express what you do and your key expertise. A rule of thumb is to think about what you want people to remember about you after they’ve read your profile. Have a narrative and stick to it. Are you a Leadership Development Consultant, Professor, a Digital Marketer, or an artist? Keep it simple and be clear.
  • Personality: If you are a funny head, let’s know a bit about that. The best way to get people interested in you is to be authentic about who you are. Do not be afraid to show your personality. Of course, you are in here to be connected, but on SpeakersHQ we connect with authenticity. Let your bio tell us who you are, keep it engaging, use direct language (first-person preferably) and with some flavour.
  • Aesthetics: Who doesn’t love the sight of the beautiful Burj Arab? We know you do,  your profile should also be a delight to the eyes, make sure to break the text into paragraphs, bullet points and easy-to-read sections. A beautiful layout makes scanning and skimming easier, always remember to keep information crystal clear.
  • Precision: Do not generalise your experience and expertise. There is a huge difference between saying, Public Speaker and Behavioural Profiling Speaker. Also, use numbers when necessary, e.g. Digital Marketer with 17 years experience, Trained over 12,000 sales executives at Orange Denver Executive Retreat in, Mauritius. Include figures, numbers, depth of expertise that your audience may find important.
  • Accuracy and Freshness: Keep your bio updated from time to time. New achievements and details should be included from time to time. We recommend that you review your profile on SpeakersHQ quarterly. It is important to also ensure that the information you upload on your bio is true and accurate, false statements and representations may raise future legal issues.

   3. Showcase your experience and expertise

Showcasing your experience is the best way that people will know if you are the right fit for gigs, partnerships, collaborations and events. On SpeakersHQ, you can showcase a wide variety of content: from articles you’ve written to embedding links to videos of your presentations and images. When choosing which content to showcase, make sure you keep in mind what kind of opportunities you are looking for and keep the content relevant to this.

Types of media to showcase:

  • Include Audio Visuals. On SpeakersHQ you can include multiple photos and embed links to your videos and presentations. You can upload as many pictures as possible, to access more features, however, you can easily upgrade to a Standard or Premium Account to have us promote your videos to a wider audience  (find out more here.)
  • Show your expertise with podcasts, articles and books. It is one thing to say you are an expert, but it is another thing to showcase it. By sharing links to podcasts and articles you’ve produced or been featured in, or books you’ve written (or co-written,) you solidify that you are an expert on your topic.
  1. Connect, share and update your profile.

With an updated SpeakersHQ profile, know that optimization isn’t just about filling all details on your profile; it’s also about being an active SpeakersHQ user by keeping your page up to date with your current material, the most recent events you’ve presented at, engagement in groups and forums and connecting with the amazing people in our community.

Your SpeakersHQ profile is a way to market yourself to in the world of today, make sure you share links to your SpeakersHQ profile with others.

Have we missed any tips that you would include on the list? We’d love to read your recommendation, please send us an email.

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