How do you decide which speakers are allowed on the site? Apart from a few very basic checks to make sure speakers meet our Terms of Use, (ie. to make sure that all profiles and content stays within the realm of legality,) we do not do any checks on the content, or the quality of the speakers. 

We provide tools on SpeakersHQ that speakers can use to create their ideal profiles in order to showcase their core competencies, subject matter expertise, testimonials, fees (if any) and many more. 

Organizers of events, conferences, seminars/training etc, can easily filter speakers, trainers and moderators when searching, so they can safely decide who will be the best fit for their audience. 

Is SpeakersHQ free? Any hidden fees? Creating a profile on SpeakersHQ is free. However, if you’d like to have an array of extra services to make you more visible and have access to other premium services which can make you better, you can choose to upgrade to a Standard or Premium account. 

We don’t charge any commission when an organizer contacts you, and it’s free for organizers to search and connect with speakers, trainers and moderators. 

Basic(free) account 

The Basic account is for anyone who wants to create and maintain a professional profile online. 

Build your professional brand online. Connect with professionals and organizations from around the world. Search, find and connect with other professionals in your field. Appear in SpeakersHQ search listings. Event organizers and other Professionals can contact you (no commission fee). 

Standard and Premium Account 

Our Standard and Premium upgrade is for speakers who would like to additionally promote their skills on SpeakerHQ, and get access to unique services. 

How do I add a profile picture or a video to my profile? Profile Photos: 

Adding a picture to your profile is a great way to attract more speaking opportunities. When choosing a profile picture, here are some tips on choosing a photo: 

Choose a picture that is relatively recent. We all want to be our best self, but a picture that depicts you accurately will ensure your credibility in the long run. Choose a picture that has been taken within the past year Choose a clear photo. Your profile photo doesn’t necessarily have to be a professional photoshoot, but don’t let the background be distracting. keep it clear and the focus should be on your face. Here is how to upload the photo to your profile: 

Step 1: Log into your account Step 2: Under edit profile, click Profile Picture Step 3: Choose your choice photo and drag into the borders Step 4: Press “Save Changes” 

How do I make my profile public? Published profiles will appear in our search results. You have the option to change your visibility settings from Public to Private when you log in to your account and click on Edit profile. 

Are all topics and subjects allowed on SpeakersHQ? There are no restrictions on the range of topics on SpeakersHQ however, we ask our users to stay professional. In view of the fact that SpeakersHQ is built to connect speakers with event organizers and a broad appeal will generally garner more speaking events, we ask our users to practice to be professional when deciding what topics and subjects to include on their profile. 

Please do not include topics and subjects: 

Defame, libel, slander, impersonate, abuse, harass, threaten, invade privacy, or infringe the legal rights of another person. Could be considered hate speech: directed at an individual or a group, and based on race, sex, creed, nationality, religion, or sexual orientation. Promote illegal activity, inappropriate language or obscene and indecent profanity. Subjects that are generally considered indecent, obscene or pornographic: such as Nazi memorabilia, illegal drug use, or pornography. Include photos or videos that contain excessive nudity or adult content. 

Who do you market speakers to? We are building relations with event organizers, planners, groups and associations with thousands of members and several conferences each year, along with global training companies. Our aim is to become the ‘go-to resource’ to identify speakers, moderators and trainers for their events. 

Do you guarantee that I will get speaking opportunities? Creating a SpeakersHQ profile will not guarantee that you will immediately receive speaking opportunities however, we are building connections with many event organizers so that they source their next speaker through the SpeakersHQ community. It is a place where you can be easily found by the very audience you are trying to reach. The two best ways to make the most of the website is to upgrade to a Standard or Premium account and to fill out your profile, also by adding video and testimonials. 

Below are some practical tips to present your profile in a way that will attract event organizers: 

Show your credibility, identity, and branding through Clear and Professional profile photo. Include keywords and tags that event organizers might search for to showcase your accomplishments. Fill out ALL the Details on Your Profile: make sure to tell people who you are by giving a clear idea of your areas of expertise and showcasing a video of your speaking or presentation skills. Keep Your Language Clear: use simple, easy to read language. Make sure your spelling and grammar are correct. Request testimonials: apart from watching you present, the next best way to build confidence in your ability as a speaker is to request or add testimonials from previous clients or audiences. 

Do I need to sign a long-term contract with you? No. You do not need to sign any contracts. If your needs change, and you no longer require SpeakersHQ service, you may delete your profile and cancel your Basic or Standard or Premium account service at any time. 

Do you take a percentage or commission of the speaking or training fee I get? No. We do not take any percentage or commission of your speaking or training fee, we just want you to be seen, heard and rewarded appropriately 

Can I pause my subscription? You can pause your subscription at any time. When you pause your SpeakersHQ subscription, billing immediately stops. All data is retained, but you won’t have access to premium services. 

**How can I change my credit card information? You can change your card when you go to My Account and select “Update card details”. 

What happens when I cancel my current subscription? Cancelling the subscription/upgrade/payment means the account remains intact but you lose access to certain features only available to active subscribers of the standard or premium accounts. 

In which currency are your prices? Given the fact that SpeakersHQ is for nationals of various countries, our prices are in USD for ease. However, and most importantly, given our online payment processing system, you can use any international credit card to make payments. 

How do you ensure my privacy and protection of my data? The most important thing for any individual or group is security and privacy. This is why we have made it a priority to provide strong security while giving you the freedom to control how much information you supply us with. We’re constantly working to protect your privacy from unauthorized access, and make SpeakersHQ safe. We have built-in strong encryption to our site to keep your information safe. 

Can I send promotional or unsolicited emails? No. Note that we only allow targeted and limited outreach and not mass mailing in an unsolicited manner. 

What happens if I get too many irrelevant requests? There are various helpful suggestions as to how you can modify your profile to ensure that you are attracting the right audience. It is possible that those who send the requests may be unsure of your skillset. We are constantly developing new features where you can have better control on who can message you and to whom your profile will be visible. 

Don’t add irrelevant experience to your SpeakersHQ profile. Use your description to explain what you achieved or what skills you developed, but be clear in your profile about what kind of talks you currently give. 

Try to research the organizations/people that send the messages to see if there is some common ground between you. Remember: you don’t have to accept. Avoid feeling pressured, only accept events and requests you are comfortable with. 

What if someone is sending me spam messages? We don’t tolerate spam in any form and will suspend any sender of spams. If they still fail to comply afterwards, we may remove their profile from SpeakersHQ. 

If you receive unsolicited and abusive, harmful, or promotional messages, please contact us immediately. We’ll treat your report with discretion and safeguard your anonymity towards the other party. 

As a speaker, we also urge you to refrain from sending self-promotional messages to fellow speakers, organizers or agencies. 

What messages do I receive in My account’s Inbox? There are different types of messages we can send you: newsletters, a weekly personalized digest of events seeking speakers, direct contact message from organizers, friends or colleagues, an invitation from organizers or colleague suggesting you apply for their event, and group messages sent to all applicants for a call for speakers that are managed directly on SpeakersHQ. 

Who are the organizers that will contact me? Organizers can be companies or individuals looking for resource persons or workshop trainers for their corporate events, conference organizers or companies seeking your expertise, global events lining up presenters on business, medical, IT or any other topic, schools and universities looking for mentors or speakers for their students, or any other event planner who wants to have someone with expertise and great speaking skills. 

Should speaker agencies (bureaus) register? Yes! Agencies/associations are absolutely welcome to list their speakers. The difference is that the contact email will be that of the agency or association, and not that of the speaker. The agencies/associations would get extra visibility for their speakers, trainers or moderators without any risk to their core business. If you’d like to discuss special arrangements or have specific feature requests, kindly contact us. 

Who are your Speakers? Our speakers come from a very wide range of backgrounds including (but not limited to): industry experts, enthusiasts, activists, politicians, public figures, government officials, diplomats, academics, business leaders, thought leaders etc. Our speakers are a broad group of high-achieving individuals, with the common goal to engage and inspire their audience. 

Do you accept guest blog posts? We’re always looking for our expert speakers and event organizers to share their insights with our global audience and would encourage you to share your ideas with our audience. Find out more about how to guest post on the SpeakersHQ blog by contacting us. 

What kind of messages am I allowed to send other users? SpeakersHQ is a service that aims to facilitate speakers and event organizers to connect, but not to sell products or promote individual businesses outside of the agreed forms of contact. 

When messaging users, we only allow applications for and commenting or adding questions to open call for speakers, along with event-related contacts with organizers and agencies. Any other unsolicited or self-promotional message may be considered as spam, which is not tolerated on SpeakersHQ. 

If a speaker, organizer or agency’s message is flagged by the recipient as potential spam, our team will investigate it and may suspend the sender. Should they fail to comply afterwards, we reserve the right to remove their profile from SpeakersHQ. 

If you have any questions about spam, or are uncertain if your message could be reported as spam, please contact us here.

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